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Don’t count on the Kabyle diaspora!

Don’t count on the Kabyle diaspora!
Photographie Samir Hamma

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Out of honesty towards my own people, I am required to tell certain truths, according to my personal vision, of course. Let us not forget that in this world, no one holds an absolute truth, because it is moving. The supposed truth of today will no longer be that of a near or distant future.

To begin with, it’s commonplace; I’m not inventing anything new that would change the face of the world. For me, the thought that best explains all current or past political actions is the famous luminous and premonitory phrase of the late Abane Ramdane: the primacy of the inside over the outside, the primacy of the civilian over the military.

This way of seeing and predicting has cost him his life, as everyone knows.

As far as I am concerned, I would like to warn all citizens living in Kabylia that it would be illusory to believe that the Kabyle diaspora living abroad will succeed in obtaining Kabylia’s independence.

For several reasons:

  • One, they are far from the realities of what is happening on the ground….
  • Two, I am a witness that Kabyle activists living abroad are being eaten away by sterile jealousies…
  • Three, each wants to become president and it can be seen that from 1989 to today, the president of a political party clings to his position until his death like the precedents of the FLN and those of Arab-Muslim countries.

It is not necessary to mention them, everyone knows them.

In the same vein, the farce of all singers, intellectuals, who say they are committed and pretend. In reality, they are filling their pockets thanks to the naivety of the Kabyle people.

To my knowledge, no country in the world owes its liberation to artists. You don’t get freedom with a mandolin. A scam of the same kind as that of the colonial power in Algiers. They are nothing more than operetta moralists, live a meagre life and have great difficulty managing their personal lives. How could they be able to manage a country!

The hope for Kabylia’s independence can only come from its youth, especially students who live on a daily basis in front of militant bodies that attack them without any pretext.

At my conference in November 2018 at Hasnaoua University, in front of the activist students, I was clear on this subject, telling them:

  • You can only rely on yourself. The majority of our emigrants have long since turned their backs on their Kabyle roots and for their children it is even worse. They are downright French, and do not hesitate to show their hostility to the idea of the independence of Kabylia, their parents’ country. The land inherited from their families is fallow…

I paint a bleak picture, but the fact remains that I have complete confidence in this Kabyle youth who, one day or another, will succeed in gaining independence one way or another.

I believe that all generations that have passed the age of 50 are outdated, you can’t count on it. Unfortunately, they have exactly the same societal vision as their own colonizers. There is a Kabyle proverb that says:

  • The cat loves the one who strangles him….

A great deal of mistrust must prevail towards weather vanes and jacket turners, all those who have a political responsibility in the so-called opposition parties, all accomplices of the mafia and criminal power in Algiers.

Now they dare to show their dirty faces trying to walk with the people, but they are not fooled. They all risk being lynched and this is only the beginning.

The leaders of the political parties that endorsed the colonial power in Algiers must be held accountable.

Shamy Chemini
Writing artist

July 1, 2019


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