Amazigh Flag Day

    Amazigh Flag Day
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    Amazigh Flag Day
    (18/08/2971 – 30/08/2021)

    The Amazigh flag was adopted by the Amazighs of all the countries of Tamazgha and the diaspora, during the 1st General Assembly of the Amazigh World Congress, held in Tafira on the island of Gran Canaria, in the Canary Archipelago, on 30 August 1997.

    Since then, this flag has flown proudly in all the countries of Tamazgha, from Siwa to the Canaries. It symbolises the historical territory of Tamazgha, the Amazigh identity, the unity of the Amazighs in their diversity, their spirit of resistance and struggle for their rights and freedom.

    This 18/08/2971 corresponding to 30/08/2021 marks the 24th anniversary of its adoption. It is an anniversary saddened in particular by the tragedy inflicted on Kabylia over the past few months, with the ravages of the coronavirus, the arson attacks and the ferocious repression by government forces.

    Our colleague Kamira Nait Sid, co-president of the Amazigh World Congress, has been the victim of kidnapping and incommunicado detention since 24 August. Despite our appeals, the Algerian authorities have neither confirmed nor denied their involvement in the kidnapping of our colleague.

    To express our attachment to our emblem, to express our solidarity with all Amazigh political detainees, to denounce the abuses of the Algerian military dictatorship, the Amazigh World Congress asks all Amazighs to fly the Amazigh flag at half-mast on the facades and balconies of their homes and their public and private institutions (municipalities, schools, companies…).

    Long live the Amazigh flag!
    Long live free Tamazgha!
    Paris, 18/08/2971 – 30/08/2021
    The Board of Amazigh World Congress.


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